Great Barrier Reef Snorkeling Liveaboard

The snorkeling Liveaboard is a fairly new concept in the vacation packages concepts.

The scuba diving industry has been doing Liveaboard vacations for about 50 years.
In the early days they were very spartan accommodations and the whole focus was on scuba diving and the next reef site.

While Liveaboards frequently accepted snorkelers, commonly called non-divers, on board there was still a focus that clearly favoured the scuba diver.

As the age and gender make up of scuba diving started to change so did the concept of Liveaboards.


Snorkeling on Reef Encounter, liveaboard on The Great Barrier Reef Australia


Take the plunge

Scuba divers started looking at what was beyond the diving. Divers were looking at a balanced vacation, one the scuba diving played an important portion but not the only portion.

Liveaboards were seeing their market shrink. Liveaboards had to start to offer more features till a nice balanced was formed. In many places, such as in Cairns, this new balance was equally attractive to snorkelers.
Even people who never snorkeled before were enticed by what was offered on board and the opportunity to experience life on the seas.

While there are still Liveaboards that have itineraries not suitable for snorkelers, many scuba diving Liveaboards are equally attractive to both sets.

These Liveaboards such as the MV Reef Encounter are ideal as places for mix marriages to vacation, a mix marriage being a scuba diver and a snorkeler

While the diver is getting in another dive the other partner can be enjoying a water session by snorkeling, attend a talk on marine life by a marine biologist on a glass bottom boat,
working on a tan on the open section of the sun deck, or by reading a book either in the shade on the sun deck or inside in air conditioned comfort.

Using the MV Reef Encounter as our example again, The Liveaboard vacation for the snorkeler is in many ways similar to an exclusive land resort.

The MV Reef Encounter has twenty-one luxury staterooms, each one very well appointed and with an ocean view. Having a double or two twin bed configurations the MV Reef Encounter can host forty-two guests.


Enjoy Cairns’ #1 Liveaboard (TripAdvisor)

The large saloon can easily seat all of these guest at one time, so there is never a wait for a table.

The food is always fresh as the MV Reef Encounter is resupplied frequently.
The on-board chef prepares three delicious meals a day with both a morning and afternoon tea.

After the last evening water session there is a desert. As it gets dark, the stars start to shine and you will be amazed at the heavens.

You will find that the starlight and any moon light allows splendid views of the reef at night as well. The hot tub by the bow is the perfect place to take this all in.

We mention previously some of the activities available to the non-divers. The day breaks on the reef and opens an exciting array of activities, the first of which is a sunrise water session.

The sunrise is one of the most magical times of the day on the reef. Both the day and night creatures can be seen and the low angles of the sun rays highlights the three dimensional qualities of the reef. The mid day sun often appears to flatten the view.

The only way to experience this time on the reef is to be there, and no land base resort or daily snorkeling excursion will be.

After the sunrise water session is breakfast followed by a morning water session. This is followed by morning tea and another water session. Lunch and yep an afternoon water session followed by afternoon tea and another water session before dinner.


Enjoy the hot tube on board
Enjoy the hot tube on board


All together the snorkeler has five opportunities to explore the reef while snorkeling each day.

Five session at a single site would get a little boring even with the vast number of fish and the wonderful coral reefs. That is why the MV Reef Encounter visited two or three different reefs each day.

The captain will use a meal break or snack break to relocate to a new location.

At a land resort you can sit by the pool and take a dip in the chlorinated waters. On the sun deck of the MV Reef Encounter you can look over the rail and see a range of tropical fish that most aquariums can only dream about. If you want to cool off in the water, well the Great Barrier Reef awaits you.

At a resort it is making reservations for dinner and waiting for a table.

Meals are included and well done on the MV Reef Encounter with ample seating. At the resort is seems someone is always in a rush and wrapped up in their own cocoon.

On the MV Reef Encounter,The ambiance is of relaxed elegance, and with so few guest it is easy to meet other people.

Compare the benefits of a snorkeling Liveaboard your self compared  the resort you are thinking about going to, or think about how your last resort vacation was. You should clearly see the benefits of a snorkeling vacation on the MV Reef Encounter.



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