On board Reef Encounter

Our  Reef liveaboard provides the outstanding opportunity for you to wake up on the Great Barrier Reef and snorkel to your hearts content.

Liveaboard tours are the best way to experience Great Barrier Reef scuba diving as you have all of the accommodations you need right on board a luxury vessel.

With liveaboard tours, you’ll spend more time enjoying Great Barrier Reef diving as you can visit more locations, including the Outer Reef.

You’ll scuba dive to deeper depths and find adventure at a number of popular scuba diving sites. Plus, you’ll eat, sleep and even take diving courses right onboard– eliminating the need to head back to shore.


Liveaboard tours are perfect for the experienced and inexperienced diver as diving courses are offered right on board the Reef Encounter vessel.

Led by the friendly and professional scuba dive instructors, you’re able to take refresher courses, introductory courses and even advanced courses to further your diving skills.

You’ll make the most of your Great Barrier Reef liveaboard scuba diving as tours are available for multiple days, even up to a week.

There’s no need to feel rushed from having to head back to shore.

You’ll benefit from multiple dives per day at various locations. You can even take night dives and snorkel.


Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard Accommodation

Our Great Barrier Reef liveaboard has 21 Staterooms all either twin or double

Great Barrier Reef scuba diving from a liveaboard allows you to explore the further reefs at many diverse locations. You have the opportunity to find adventure at many popular reefs.

The fully equipped vessel has everything you need to dive safely into the water at 5 of the Outer Reef’s world-renowned diving destinations.

When you’re finished scuba diving, simply head back onboard for exquisite meals prepared right on board.

Or, relax in the diverse sleeping quarters or sunbath on deck to watch the marine life from above the water’s surface.

With a wide range of options, liveaboard packages and diving locations meet everyone’s needs and budget.

You’ll benefit from the top scuba diving equipment, experienced guides and dive instructors and unlimited snorkeling.

The happy and helpful crew will provide you with excellent cuisine, which is cooked fresh daily, and spacious cabins with uninterrupted ocean views.

As you won’t be heading back to shore every day with Great Barrier Reef scuba diving from a liveaboard, you’ll have plenty of chances to scuba dive and snorkel with as many as 6 scuba diving sessions per day.

There are even glass bottom boat tour options and daily departures to make the most of your Great Barrier Reef liveaboard diving.

Grab your underwater camera and wet suit for the best scuba diving vacation!


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