Take a Reef Cruise on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

There are seven natural wonders of the world: The Grand Canyon, the Aurora, The Paricutin Volcano in North America, The Harbour at Rio de Janeiro, Mount Everest in Asia, Victoria Falls in Africa and finally, the largest reef system on earth, The Great Barrier Reef in the Northern Region of Australia.

Deemed one of the most unique and precious natural places on the planet by the World Heritage committee, this awe-inspiring natural marvel is so vast, stretching more than 2,010 kilometres, it makes up 13% of the world’s reef system and can easily be seen from outer space.


Great Barrier Reef


More than 350 species of corals constitute the nearly 3,000 individual reefs and approximately 300 cays that make The Reef the largest structure in the world built by living organisms.

The Reef, as we know it today, formed more than half a million years ago when corals began to build, layer by layer, over the skeletonised remains of past coral generations.

Although many still find it difficult to imagine, corals are long-lived, fragile, marine creatures that require sunlight to grow, which is why they thrive in relatively shallow waters.

Corals aren’t the only marine life in The Reef.

There are more than 1000 fish species of various shapes, sizes and colours, six species of sea turtles, and a variety of dolphins, sharks and whales.

One species of whale, an albino humpback, is becoming an attraction in its own right, the Migaloo.

The Great Barrier Reef tours now include whale-watching cruises during the Migaloo migration season in June.



Home to the largest variety of plant and marine life on earth

For this reason the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, which includes the Reef and much of the surrounding water, is the largest protected marine area in the world.

With its colourful coral gardens and exotic marine life visible from above and below the surface of the crystal clear waters of the Coral Sea, it is no wonder The Reef brings more than 1.6 million visitors from around the world each year.

Scuba Divers appreciate the excellent conditions and great visibility year round, Snorkelers, beginners and the more experienced enjoy the less strenuous views from below the surface.

For those who prefer not to take the plunge can appreciate spectacular views from a helicopter or hot air balloon or glide along the sparkling waters in a glass bottom boat.

The Great Barrier Reef, one of the Seven Natural Wonders, is unlike any place on earth.

If you’re planning a trip to the Northern Region, The Reef is an absolute must-do on your itinerary.

And, if you’re looking for somewhere to spend an exciting holiday, why not pay a visit to this awe-inspiring, natural phenomenon, one of the very few on earth?

With its incredible natural history, unique sites, exciting activities and all the tours available, The Great Barrier Reef is the one of the most unusual destinations and the perfect place to create memories that are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Enjoy a reef cruise today.