Scuba Dive Liveaboard Vacations For The Certified Diver

Scuba dive Liveaboard vacations for the certified diver have been around for decades and many of the Scuba Dive Liveaboard industry milestones can be traced back to the Cairns area.

Cairns has been a popular scuba diving destination because of the quality and nearness of the outer reefs of the Great Barrier Reefs.

Cairns is also the access point of the Ribbon Reefs and the Osprey Reef, both famous diving locations out of reach of day vessels.

Scuba Divers of all level of certification can find Liveaboards that will meet their level of certification.


Sailing From Cairns

Certified divers will find Liveaboards sailing from Cairns that offer a range of comforts and amenities.

Cairns has the highest number of diver certification in the world and most of the certifications are on dive Liveaboards.

Taking your first training and then your first certified dive Liveaboard style is truly setting a high bar.

An atmosphere designed around diving on the best reef in the world is a wonderful way to start your diving vacation.

A Scuba dive Liveaboard vacation, however, is not just diving. It is a balance of diving with other elements to ensure that your vacation is truly wonderful.

 scuba dive reef cruise

The MV Reef Encounter is a great example of creating a balance.

The MV Reef Encounter sails among the outer reefs of the Greater Barrier Reef.

Each day it visits two or three different reefs and has enjoyable dive sites for students and certified divers of all skill levels.

Scuba Divers on-board the MV Reef Encounter can do four dives from a total of six water sessions each day, including a night dive on the reef.

The sessions they do not dive can be used for snorkeling, laying on the sun deck or taking a glass bottom boat tour of the reef.

After the days diving is done, the bar is available for drinks of your choice.

If you find that you over did it a little and your muscles are complaining then relax in the hot tub overlooking the bow.

While the vessel has twenty-one luxurious staterooms, you may want to spend some time in the saloon with the other guest and the crew in the evening.

Having a maximum of only forty-two guest at a time helps create that relax exclusive atmospheres that most vacations can not achieve.

The Saloon is comfortable, fully air conditioned and also serves as the dining area at meal times.

Meals are of course included in the dive Liveaboard vacations, on the MV Reef Encounter, that would be breakfast, lunch and dinner plus a morning and evening tea.

Guest give high praise to all the crew, but the chef is often revered in the comments.



Advance Certified Scuba Dive Liveaboards To Osprey Reef

If you are advanced certified, Dive Liveaboards travelling to the Osprey Reef can give you an experience that very few divers could ever match.

The Osprey Reef is an underwater mountain top that is 120 nautical miles off the Australian coast.

It rises from the ocean floor over a thousand metres to a few metres from the surface.

It is a popular destination for marine biology research and is one of the premier shark research destinations.

The reef is in a completely natural state, seldom visited and then in only small numbers, it is far from the impact of man on land.

It is one of the most bio-diverse  sites in the world and has a number of species rarely found or found only on this reef.

The Spirit of Freedom and the Spoilsport are the two leading dive Liveaboards going to the reef.

They also include the Ribbon Reefs as part of their routes. The ribbon reefs is really ten reefs in a string.

The reefs provide some of the best and well known dive sites in the world.

The famous Cod hole is located on Ribbon Reef #10, this site is known to both divers and non-divers as the home of the diver size Potato Cods.

Other dive sites such as Steve’s Bommie are equally known.

Many divers consider this site the best Photography site in the world with seemly unlimited macro and large subject in abundance.


Take Your First Liveaboard

At some point in time every certified diver considers a Liveaboard dive vacation.

In the past a Liveaboard might had seen to intense for many divers and it also meant taking a vacation separate from non-divers.

Times have changed.

The range of options and the variety available on most vessels makes the Liveaboard vacation something that can be attracted to both divers and non-divers.


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