Learn to Scuba dive

With Reef Encounter, a leading SSI Scuba diving facility, you’re able to take multiple dive courses right on-board the luxury vessel, while exploring the amazing Great Barrier Reef.

You’ll learn  to scuba dive if you’ve never dived before or take refresher courses before plunging into the water.

If you have scuba diving experience, there are even more advanced courses offered to further your diving skills, including Stress and Rescue Dive courses.

If you want to learn  to Scuba dive, the Open Water Course will teach you everything you need to know in order to scuba dive.

You’ll learn the fundamentals to scuba diving from highly trained instructors.

With small group numbers and the highest safety standards, you’ll learn everything you need for scuba diving trips. After completing the course, you’ll receive your internationally recognized Open Water Dive license. 

For those who have scuba dived previously, Reef Encounter offers the Advanced Dive Course, which will increase your diving skill level.

The simple course is perfect for those who plan to explore the Great Barrier Reef for more than one day.


Learn to Scuba Dive

A variety of courses are available

You’ll have five training dives, including night diving, deep diving and navigation diving.
Upon completion, you’ll be certified as an Advanced Adventure Diver.

To further your diving skills even more, Stress and Rescue courses are also available. You’ll benefit from in-water and academic lessons to teach you how to react and prevent stress while diving.

You’ll also learn accident management and panic and stress rescues.
You’ll be required to complete up to 14 dives, after which you’ll become an SSI Dive Master or SSI Dive Control Specialist.

With Reef Encounter, you also have the opportunity to take refresher courses.

Refresher courses are perfect for those who haven’t dived recently or for certified divers to touch-up their diving skills.
You’ll learn current training techniques and developments, which may have changed since your last dive.

No matter if you want to learn  to scuba dive, looking to advance your skills or just need to refresh your scuba diving knowledge, the perfect course and diving trip is waiting for you from a luxury liveaboard.

Not only will you become a better scuba diver, but you’ll visit some of the most famous diving sites along the Great Barrier Reef with scuba diving trips.

You’ll dive the open water, while staying on board the vessel, which hosts all of the accommodations of home right on board.


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