Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef


There is this wonderful world underwater where there are swimming rainbows of fish and nests of some of the most colourful coral.

Words really can’t describe the spectacular sights of this world.

One way to see all this wonder at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia is to scuba dive.

You can find all of this beauty by putting on a wetsuit, strapping on tanks and diving into the water.

Imagine swimming with a sea turtle or a potato cod and they are really swimming with YOU. The wildlife will interact with you in many different ways.

The different coral is another sight to behold with all the colour and shapes. There are a number of different species of coral to photograph on a scuba dive.

Oh did I mention that a camera is so necessary to record all of this diverse eco system?

You be able to take photos home of staghorn coral, gorgonian fan coral and much much more.




There are lagoons and sandy bottoms that will be great for beginning scuba divers. If you are a certified scuba diver there locations that will keep you amazed as well.

So book a reef cruise either for a day tour or a liveaboard tour today that has all this to offer.

With a little research you can find a great reef cruise that will offer you all of this with all inclusive fees, bus transfer fees, reef levies, food and drink, all equipment needed for the scuba dive and an experienced crew.

This is a must!

The crew needed to be able to meet your every need with a big smile and knowledge of the Great Barrier Reef.

These crews are available to assist the novice to the experienced scuba divers and there are boat charters that offer all of these amenities.

Booking one of these Super scuba diving boat charters is just a few clicks of the keys on your computer.

Do your research and take the trip of a lifetime scuba diving the wonderful underwater world of The Great Barrier Reef.