Discover our Great Barrier Reef Islands


With a reef cruise, you’re able to tour the many Great Barrier Reef islands.

Each beautiful island of the Great Barrier Reef possesses it’s own unique and diverse beauty– from lush tropical landscapes to white sandy beaches. With island tours, you’re able to explore these islands both on land and by water.

Head onshore to discover nature’s finest landscapes or dive into the water to explore the surrounding coral gardens and marine life.

Among the most popular Great Barrier Reef island getaways are Green Island, Fitzroy Island and Franklin Island all depart daily from Cairns

great barrier reef islands

Green Island

Green Island is home to amazing coral cay, making it a popular island tour.

During your tour of Green Island, you have the opportunity to walk the coral cay to see the vast coral gardens and amazing sandy beaches. You’ll also see the beautiful tropical rainforest, hosting a diverse selection of wildlife.

When you’re done exploring the terrain of the island, dive into the water for more adventure as you swim up close to an abundance of marine life in the vibrant coral.

If time permits Green Island Resort is accessible for a lucky few on any given day to enjoy the island long after the day guests depart and stay at the beautiful resort 

Green Island Stay

Fitzroy Island

Fitzroy Island is a breathtaking island with white coral beaches and a lush tropical rainforest.

On the island, you have the opportunity to enjoy many sporting activities and excellent scuba diving conditions. Although the island sits on the continental shelf, but remains in close proximity to Cairns.

The protected marine park is surrounded by a fringing reef, making it a popular snorkeling and scuba diving location.

Great Barrier Reef Islands
Fitzroy Island, North Queensland


Frankland Island

Frankland Island features an energetic rainforest and a vast fringing coral garden. Both onshore and in the water, you have the opportunity to see nature at its best.

On land, you’ll see birds galore, while in the water you’ll spot hundreds of fish and giant clams. It’s the perfect tropical getaway to connect with nature.

On the island, you can hike through the rainforest, or plunge into the water for snorkeling and scuba diving in the pristine water.

Great Barrier Reef Islands
Russell Island, Frankland Island Group

With a reef cruise, you’ll explore the amazing Great Barrier Reef islands and everything they have to offer.

Island tours are diverse and vary, so you’ll find the perfect island tour for you and your budget.

With reef cruises, don’t feel limited to only visiting one island either.

Many cruises allow you to visit more than one island, so be sure to explore all of your options for the best time on your excursion to the Great Barrier Reef.

North Queensland has so many things to see and do we look forward to helping you see it all.