Skydiving from 14,000 ft and then scuba diving on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef on this fantastic two day Cairns tour package, giving you the best of both worlds.

Experience the wonders of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef after the adrenaline hit from jumping out of a plane in your 14,000 ft tandem skydive!

DAY 1 – 14,000ft Skydive!

Skydiving is one of the most popular and extreme adventure sports a person can do and will be the biggest thrill of your Life!

While being harnessed to your Instructor, Imagine experiencing the rush that is indescribable and incomparable to anything else.

The sheer delight of a sixty-second freefall

After your parachute opens, you will slowly glide through the air looking down at the breathtaking beauty of what is beneath you.

You will be in great hands with Australia’s No 1 Skydiving Company. With 40 years of experience and over 2 million skydives, a record matched by no one else in Australia.

This package is with Tandem skydiving Australia’s leading skydiving company invested in the best safety systems and most modern up to date skydiving equipment that ensures their unmatched safety record.

Cairns, Queensland, is the ideal and most popular place for your skydive, with its natural beauty and stunning views of the Great Barrier Reef and amazing Tropical Rainforest.

The landing zone has its 10-acre tropical garden complete with a swimming pool and air-conditioned lounge for watching awesome freefall videos.

Book your skydive today and have the thrill of your Life!

Day Two Great Barrier Reef Cruise.

Reef Experience is Cairns only all-inclusive Great Barrier Reef Tour.   Starting with a pick up from your Cairns accommodation house.  Next welcome onboard and our delicious BBQ Bacon and Egg burgers.

Also, a vegetarian option is available.  Next, relax while we go through the safety briefings, welcome and snorkel and scuba diving briefings, after joining in the fun of our interactive Marine Biologist Presentation.

Before you know it, we will arrive at the Outer Barrier Reef.

First Reef location

We will conduct scuba diving, introductory scuba diving, snorkelling, and a glass-bottom boat tour at our first reef location.

This is when you can pat yourself on the back for choosing to travel with our family-owned and operated company, especially if you need assistance in the water.

Did you know that every day we take non-swimmers snorkelling and scuba diving?   It is all about the best crew on the reef.  Next, back on board for lunch and to move to our second Reef location.

Second Reef Location

Apart from snorkelling at our second reef location, there are some additional extras that you may want to experience.

There will be a further opportunity to go scuba diving for both certified and introductory divers. As well as snorkelling.  This location also has our amazing Marine Biologist guided tours.

Once everyone is back on board, our crew will serve a complimentary glass of wine, cheese and biscuits, and some tropical fruit.

At the end of this trip, we will arrive back in Cairns at approximately 4:30 pm.

Check out our Reef, Rafting and Skydiving package.




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Great Barrier Reef Tours, Reef Experience

All Inclusive Day Tour

Best value outer Great Barrier Reef tour! Snorkel, scuba dive & glass bottom boat the Barrier Reef with Cairns' only all inclusive reef tour! Visit two pristine locations and enjoy up to 6 hours in natures paradise - Reef Experience is our NUMBER 1 day trip in Cairns. An unbeatable outer reef tour...


Skydive North Queensland

Cairns Skydive

Tandem Skydive - 14,000ft

Feel the adrenalin from 14,000ft!




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